Why is the Privilege of education so important to me? And what does it have to do with Miss Teenage Canada. Well, education has always been around in my life. I never really understood why I was considered lucky for such a privilege. Its just school? Or so I used to think. This year my school board went on strike and I lost 4/5 weeks of school. After this I was placed back to school and had been crammed with 2 months of knowledge in 3 weeks. Mind boggling isn’t it? Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 9.59.29 AMI was so angered in the beginning but after reading the book The Invention Of Wings, by Sue Monk Kidd my point of view changed completely. The book is based off the life of Sarah Grimke one of the worlds first civil and women’s rights activists. She was denied the right to learn about law because she was a female, and at that time in history women weren’t accepted in the work industry. Reading this made me understand that I am truly blessed to be receiving the education I do.

My platform has relation to Miss Teenage Canada in the work of the charity it is partnered with. Miss Teenage Canada raises funds for the charity Free the Children. This charity prides on setting up children for success, may that be through building a well to give adequate water for the body and mind, to building schools for the children. Education is one of the most powerful things you can give to a child in the effort to change the world for the better. This is where my platform plays it’s part. My platform highlights the importance of education, in which many do not recognize. Education is a key part in setting up a child for success and this is how my platform is linked with Miss Teenage Canada and the Charity Free the Children.

As Miss Teenage Canada I would heavily promote the importance of education. I would do this though speaking of such issue but also working closely with Free the Children as they are a charity directly relating to the platform itself. I feel working with this charity would allow me to speak about my experiences with education but also being apart of the change to help bring education to those that are not as fortunate. Education is an absolute privilege that not many understand or take into consideration. After having my education taken away from me, I received the reality shock as to how important it is to value my education. As Miss Teenage Canada I would promote and show others the value of education, because it is an amazing privilege that is under celebrated.

Have a fabulous day, I’m leaving for Miss Teenage Canada today! Wish me luck!

Madison, xox.

Written by: Madison

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