For the 3rd blog assignment we were asked to pitch an idea demo of what we would to if we had the opportunity to create a 30 second commercial to advertise Signature Towels.

In my commercial I would like to showcase the uniqueness of being able to have a personalized towel! Signature towels allows you to choose from a variety of colours and designs and also allows you to add a personal touch by adding your name or initials on it! This is a PERFECT way to resolve sharing towels at home, or loosing it at a water park making signature towels a PERFECT gift!

My comercial would start off by briefly explaining the product and the pros of owning a Signature Towel. Next, it would move on to showcase an example of how great this product is! I would have a scene showing a large family at a water park and show how easy it is to loose a towel or have someone use yours by accident…then I would move onto showing how signature towels could resolve this problem by adding your name or initials on the front!









For the next portion of my commercial I would show how great of a gift a signature towel truly is! These towels are the perfect gift for newly weds, baby showers, children birthday parties,  just to name a few! I would show examples of these events and show how happy and excited recipients of these gifts would be to receive such a unique and personal gift!

I would then end my commercial by having an announcer explain how Signature Towels are a great gift to be treasured and used forever. They are great for boys and girls of all ages, and can be personalized for each individual preference!

Order yours today at!

Thank You Signature Towels for sponsoring the 3rd Miss Teen Canada World blog assignment!

Written by: Hailey Hastie
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