Whether it’s achieving the look you’ve always wanted or to attain you’re biggest dreams, “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” is the series to watch! We’re helping you realize your dreams and be the person you want to be. Professionals from various domains will appear to motivate, teach and inspire you! To prove the authenticity of their methods, I will be testing them out! Every episode will be loaded with new things to learn that will guide you to getting the life you’ve always wanted!

Burman Books

The Poster for My TV Show

I believe that Burman Books would be the absolute perfect sponsor for my television series because we both have the same goal: to help others achieve their dreams and become satisfied and proud of the person they have become. We want them to be inspired and grow so that their lives will be transformed in a positive way. On my show, I will have special guests that are professionals in their domain, therefore who better than the authors of the Burman Books to show up on some of the episodes? They could share their life experiences and give us insights on how to be successful and fulfilled. Through their sponsorship, the organization will be promoted as well as the books and the professionals implicated. They would be advertised at the end of every show and credited for their support and participation.


MAC Cosmetics

Because my television show focuses on self-improvement and becoming the person that you want to be, I believe that MAC should be one of the sponsors because everything that MAC offers transforms a person. MAC’s products change a person’s exterior by enhancing their features and improving their appearances but it also changes a person on the inside because once they are satisfied with the results of their appearances, they become more confident and shine! When a person is confident, their perspective on everything is deviated and that’s when most of the opportunities arise and life seems great! As a sponsor, MAC will be the ones taking care of the makeup of everyone who appear on the show and they will be advertised at the very end of every one of them. In addition, there will be certain episodes where makeup professional will appear as guests; because this is a show about self-improvement and feeling your best.

This would be my dream Tv show!

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Nice going Désirée Mathias – I’m impressed because this is a very good idea – well done – great poster too. Good luck on Saturday 21

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