educationA few weeks ago I got the chance to speak with a young woman who works in education as well as humanitarian work. Both vital components in which relate to my platform of the privilege of education. This woman has been all over the world working from relief work to teaching underprivileged children in the education system. She’s been to places across the ocean in third world countries but she also gave light to the issues also found within developed countries. She did a placement in the states, and in the united states school funding is dependent on test scores. This school that she was teaching within only taught english and math because the funding was inadequate due to minimal test scores. Some of the schools in these struggling areas are accounted for the number of prison cells needed in these states. So in a sense these places are setting up these children to fail. She said she did a test with the kids and more then 90% of a grade 3 class couldn’t even point out USA on a map, let alone their own state in America.

quote__knowledge_is_power_by_rabidbribri-d6f9fvvWhen I was told all this information about our neighbouring country it truly broke my heart. This information made me understand how privileged I am to be in school, I receive all the necessary knowledge to be successful in life. You don’t realize how lucky you are until you’re exposed to what others are going through and aren’t as lucky to receive.

Education is more often then not over looked. I asked a variety of students within my school on their opinion of school and education, and a majority stated things such as, “its dumb” “I don’t need it” or “its pointless.” Many complained about why they should be learning about things like pythagorean theorem in math. But once I explained to them the situations for education in underdeveloped countries they began to see how lucky they kind of are, but many were extremely shocked to the facts of our neighbouring country. After talking to a few fellow classmates about the privilege of education many said that their point of view had changed towards the topic.

education-1At first hand I have been effected by the education system when I was removed from school due to the Strike across ontario school boards. Its sad that it took something like this for me to realize how privileged I am to be receiving education. I hope that when you read this you begin to truly see how lucky you are. As a proud Canadian I am truly blessed for all I have and hope to give back in anyway possible. Education is the mostly powerful weapon we can use to change the world, said Nelson Mandela.

Have a beautiful and blessed day everyone.

Madison, xox.

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