11760173_867067526674913_3848338846392252630_nHey guys! Last Tuesday I had one of my fundraisers for Free The Children. I hosted a Zumba and Henna Artistry fundraiser. It was an unbelievable time! Although mother nature was not on my side at the time, but we continued to henna a storm through the 39 degree heat! Due to the extreme heat my fundraiser had been slightly altered. There was a heat advisory sent out and we decided to change from Zumba to Yoga taught by myself, in best interest for the participants.

IMG_1842The heat didn’t get us down though! I did some of my best Henna yet and it was amazing to see so many people come out and support me with this fundraiser. I loved having the chance to talk about Free The Children to members of my community. I strongly believe in the work that Free the Children does as it goes hand in hand with my platform, being the Privilege of Education. You could see the passion I have for education and helping others as I talked to those who came out.

IMG_1843I wanted to give a huge shout out to all those who helped me with this fundraiser. In specific my good friend Marissa and family friend Monique. You guys made the day a pure joy, and made it extremely successful.

Even with the minor bumps in the road, I was able to adapt and pull off a successful event.

Here are some of the pieces I created!



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