The stereotypical view of pageant girls is that we are stuck-up drama queens who are nothing but pretty girls. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Pageant girls are helping, volunteering, charismatic, donating people and the list could go on forever.

Ever since I started pageants in 2017, I have grown and changed into a wonderful woman. I used to be very insecure with how I looked and I suffered from severe social anxiety. From the moment I stepped foot into registration at Miss North Ontario 2017, I went from just Faith, to a happy, outgoing, confident Faith.

The Miss North Ontario pageant is amazing for creating friendships and realizing the true meaning of beauty. The workshops we attend, covering topics from self-esteem, to banking, to crystal healing, all give the delegates knowledge that they need in the real world. The runway and interview workshops help first time delegates to understand and succeed in pageantry, making it feel like a sisterhood instead of a competition. The girls spend lots of time getting to know each other and by the end of the week, leaving feels impossible.

You get to know your roommates the best and you create such a strong bond from everything you go through together. From early morning alarm clocks and late night teeth grinding (sorry to my roomies lol), you start and end with the one you share your space with. They help you zip your dress when its too difficult, they let you use their makeup, they share their beauty secrets with you, and so much more.

Being a pageant girl also means lots of volunteering. We love to spread happiness and joy in any way that we can. Pageant girls each have a platform which is something that they want to spread awareness for. We dedicate our time to educating others on what is important to us so that we can help fix any problems in our world. My platform is hearing loss and deaf awareness and I have done as much as I can to make a positive impact in deaf peoples lives through my pageant endeavours.

The feeling of being on stage is what has impacted my life the most. Being on stage in front of the lights, feeling like your best self and wanting to show the world, is the greatest feeling ever. I used to hate being in front of people and performing. I was afraid of messing up and embarrassing myself. Now, the world is my runway. I look forward to each and every morning and I want to present myself positively so that I can inspire others. I am no longer afraid of messing up if I know I’ve tried my best. The largest part of confidence is being able to own and grow from your mistakes, because you are not your mistakes. As a model, I had to learn this on my own and it made me a more passionate outgoing person. Because of this, I was offered the opportunity to be the Covergirl for T-Era Models, based in Montreal. They have an amazing 6-week modelling program that teach you everything you need to know from interviews, to outfits, to makeup, and so much more. I will also be working closely with T-Era while they plan on creating an affordable yet fun pageant that any girl would be able to participate in. If you are looking for more info on this amazing modelling agency, then you can message me on any of my platforms to find out more.

I recommend pageants to everyone that asks me how to start modelling. Pageants give you the doors to other opportunities in talents, acting, modelling, and more. They have changed my life for the better. This is a period of my life that I will remember forever. No matter how I place in Miss Teenage Canada 2018, I will be proud of the outcome because I am a strong, amazing woman, and I know that I have made even the smallest positive impact in some peoples lives.

Written by: Faith
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