Hello, my name is Madison and I am a proud young woman from the glowing city of Sudbury, Ontario. I am currently a student at Lockerby Composite High School within their specialized STEP program. I am a Lockerby Scholar obtaining a 95% average throughout high school.

School is very important to me, as I feel education is a privilege that many over look. With this I always keep my mind open to collecting new knowledge and allow myself to grow as a person. I am very involved with my school as I currently sit on 5 different councils, Student Council, Lockerby’s Athletic Association, Me to We, Anti Bullying, and Positive Climate. I currently stand as an executive on Student council as the Social Convenor. This role is extremely important as I plan all major events and use my organizational properties and creativity to plan the best events!

As my education is extremely important to me, so are my athletics. I have competed on various competitive teams for a variety of sports. I’m open to trying any sports or physical activities. I’m currently playing sports such as flag football, swimming, track, dance, badminton and cross country. I also competed at OFSAA, the highest level of high school competition for swimming and placed within the top 20.

My helpful attitude doesn’t stop in my school, I help my community by participating in various charity events and volunteer groups. I actively volunteer for Out of the Cold, serving meals to the homeless. I’m also is apart of a volunteer group called B3. B3 stands for, Bold, Brave and Beautiful. We help promote healthy relationships and the beauty that is in everyone.

I practice the lifestyle of a yogi connecting mind, body, and soul. I strongly believe in the power of mediation and connecting to the world around me, as it has opened my eyes to see the beauty that life holds. I practice daily, connecting and strengthening the 7 Charkas of a person, which are the basic principles of Yoga. When all charkas are balanced the mind, body and soul is balanced, in the eyes of a yogi. Yoga has taught me how beautiful life is and I want to show that to the world and allow people to see that the world is a truly remarkable place. I am very passionate in the traditional artwork of Mehndi Art, commonly known as Henna. Mehndi is used to create artwork on the skin in a temporary tattoo form.

Before I go I’m going to leave you with a beautiful quote I live by.  I’m constantly asked what I want to do in life. My ultimate goal is to be a lawyer but, we live in a world where nothing is for sure. Knowing this, the quote I live by is, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you do, you will succeed.” So in the end, my goal in life is to be happy, as should you!

Madison Kvaltin, xoxo.

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