IMG_7793Mehndi, whats mehndi you may ask? Mehndi or commonly known as Henna is an art form originated in India and used in traditional and cultural practices. Now it is not apart of my culture but being exposed to the beauty behind this art form has captivated me and has now become a huge part of my life. Henna is a temporary tattoo form, with the use of natural herbs in a paste form, once applied to the skin it provides a natural stain and darkening of the skin. The artistic aftermath is not the only beautiful aspect of this art form but yet it is the experience that comes along with it. Many experience a tingling and thrilling sensation from the herbs, the aromas of the paste are sweet to the nose. It’s a miraculous thing.

Mehndi offers both cultuIMG_7499ral and medical benefits. Henna is used in many forms through;art expression; celebration of special events such as, weddings, holidays, birthers;medicinal use; cultural tradition; and temporary tattoo form.

Henna is a stunning form of art. I love getting the opportunity to give others the Mehndi experience. I’m currently even doing a fundraiser of doing henna to generate funds so that I can attend Miss Teenage Canada. I’m beyond thrilled to include a huge passion of mine into this pageant. I want people to have the chance to experience such an amazing thing. Hope everyone has an amazing day!!

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

Madison Kvaltin, xoxo.   

Some pieces I’ve done:





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