What an amazing experience so far! The first few days were revolved around rehearsal, photo shoots, video shoots and our interview. It was nice to get all of the heavy stuff done at the beginning of the week! Now we’re enjoying our time in Toronto and truly getting the Canadian experience. To top it off yesterday I got to spend my birthday with 81 of Canada’s most promising young women. The day began bright and early with a bus ride to this cute little diner for breakfast called Eggelicious. Being a vegetarian options are always limited for me but, the women at the diner were so sweet and understanding to my circumstances. While munching on breakfast the lovely young ladies sang happy birthday to me, it truly made my day! After breakfast we hopped on the bus again and headed for this pier showing off this stunning bay. In the distance there was even a huge old 100ft fishing boat, such a historic sight.

IMG_8590We walked around the pier and park enjoying the morning sun. Mark then thought it would be a good idea to practice our walks, specific to the final night. Mark was strutting his stuff showing us how to work that bathing suit walk. Later on we headed back for the bus and headed to this canoe club for some Dragon Boat racing! I throughly enjoyed this because my true competitive side showed when we were racing against the other girls! In all good fun of course. The instructor on our boat was impressed with our strength and competitiveness as we won all of our races! He even called us The A Team. We enjoyed some lunch lake side before heading off to our next destination.

Unexpectedly we ended up in Niagara Falls for our next stop! This was such an amazing surprise as Miss Teenage Canada has never gone to Niagara for one of the activities during the week. I’ve never been to Niagara so it was an unforgettable experience. We attended a dinner and Magic show, called Imagine The Magic of Greg Frewin. My mind was utterly blown by his performance. I tried to keep up and catch some of the tricks but nothing! Some tricks even involved people disappearing and animals appearing which mind boggled me. How does one train an animal as ferocious as a tiger to do such tricks flawlessly. I understand that humans could be trained and taught, but animals? Thats a whole new level!

As if the day hadn’t been amazing enough, we ended the evening with going to the falls! The Niagara falls were lit up with various colours and it was a glorious sight. In all the day was a complete success and I was so happy to have spent my birthday with such an amazing group of girls!

IMG_8584.JPGBut the wonder doesn’t stop with just Yesterday! Todays been a jam packed, fun filled day as well. We started the day off with a trip to Bowmanville Zoo. We got to play with these adorable baby lions and tigers. Some of the girls even got to have a lemur named Morrice, sit on there shoulder! It was beyond adorable. We got the chance to do some exploring and I got to see a giraffe, adult tiger and lion, and a bunch of cute goats! What an amazing start to the day at this wonderful family run Zoo.

Hope your days are as wonderful as mine have been.

Madison, xox.

Written by: Madison

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