11429685_1599112090357616_2335614881720178732_nMy first Henna Event! This weekend I had the privilege to perform my passion at a Cochella themed event. It allowed me to explore different techniques, test my speed and endurance to henna for more then 5 hours straight! The flower crowns and indie music set the mood for the night in the best way!

A lot of guys are timid around the idea of henna. It’s common to think that henna is specifically for women, being that most designs revolve around flowers and girly designs. I’m always looking to advance and widen my abilities and a young boy let me create a cool abstract dragon. Showing that henna is not just for girls! Henna is just a form of temporary tattooing and my artistic abilities allow me to set new boundaries and explore new ideas.


Overall I had a blast showing my passion in this art to an amazing set of people! Henna as been a form of fundraising for me so that I am able to go to Miss Teenage, and I’m beyond ecstatic to say how amazing it has been going to far. I’m so thankful for all the support everyone has been giving me on this journey and I’m thrilled to have my biggest love involved in it!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Madison Kvaltin, xoxo.

Written by: Madison
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