During my provincial pageant, Miss North Ontario, I was crowned the Covergirl for the mother agency T-Era Models & Cosmetics. From the moment I heard that someone would be chosen to represent an agency and travel to Montreal for a photoshoot, I knew that it was something meant for me.

To be a model is so much more than being the book definition of “pretty”. If you want to be a model, you have to be outgoing, genuinely happy, hard-working, and most importantly; confident.

Everybody has insecurities, everybody makes mistakes, and nobody is perfect. During my interview, Lynn asked me if I’m confident. Of course there are things about myself that I would change physically and spiritually. However, I am still confident because I believe in my abilities and I know that my inner happiness radiates my beauty more than any amount of makeup or plastic surgery could. So I told the judges, “Of course I’m confident, but it took me a lot to get myself to where I am today.”

When I was crowned the Covergirl, it felt like everything I’d been working towards for the past 2 years was finally recognized. I knew being in this agency would open so many doors for me in modelling, pageants, and talents.

July 21st was my scheduled photoshoot with Red Reflection Photography. Red Reflection is know for their hollywood-style, hi-definition photos. My makeup artist, Catherine, also generously donated her time to do my makeup. That weekend, Catherine was also working with ADAM SANDLER and JENNIFER ANISTON as their MUA (Makeup Artist). How crazy?!

Catherine was an amazing MUA as she explained everything she was doing and she gave me makeup tips for my specific face shape, skin type, and eye colour. She made my makeup look flawless for the camera with a smokey eye. The better the quality of makeup, the easier the job for the MUA. I had a full face of T-Era makeup and the quality lasted all day. When the new website launches for T-Era Cosmetics, I will be on the front of the website. I will be sure to share the link with you all so that you can try out this amazing line of products.

Stephan, the photographer from Red Reflections, was amazing to work with. He made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and he taught me A LOT about how to pose my body and how to depict certain facial expressions. His camera and his gear worked amazing for showing skin detail; most people would be afraid of this- but with my T-Era makeup on, I was ready.

The rest of the weekend consisted of shopping and sightseeing. We visited the gorgeous Montreal Old Port where we dined in an outdoor restaurant and looked at the beauty the world has to offer. Quebec has cobblestone roads and walkways that give you a warm feeling of history in your heart. There are vendors all along the streets that sell food, souvenirs, and more. We then visited some wedding/prom dress stores in search for my finals gown. One street had an entire block dedicated to dresses- it felt like heaven!

Montreal definitely has a piece of my heart and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to return in February to judge a pageant. This experience was definitely one to remember, and it is all thanks to Lynn Gauvreau for personally selecting me to be her model. Another thank you goes out to Cheryl Kozera for supporting my in all my pageant endeavours and encouraging me to do Miss North Ontario again. If I didn’t do MNO 2018, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My last thank you goes out to Joan Hart for teaching me all the unknown tricks to pageantry and modelling, preparing me huge time for nationals. I am so excited to be representing an amazing brand for the upcoming year and I can’t wait to share with you all this AMAZING line of products.

Until next time, Montreal.




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