Oh Canada, the place of pucks and apologies! Canada isn’t just hockey and our double double Tim Hortons coffee. Canada is such a wondrous place, we offer beautiful sceneries, and nature at hand. We pride on being brave and free. Canada provides many freedoms, freedom of love and expression, the right to education, healthcare and medicine. We the pride of the north have so much to offer that make us a remarkable country. Heres a list of my top ten reasons that make Canada so great!

IMG_83721. Canada invented Hockey. Even though we haven’t claimed the beloved stately cup in a few years, hockey is still our game! dominating in the olympics and various world hockey games, Canada has proved that hockey will forever be our passion. Hockey is a family bonder in most Canadian house holds, can never miss a Hockey Night in Canada with the one and only Don Cherry and his fabulous outfits.

2. Canada is known as a peace making country, constantly helping other countries and creating peace across the world in several ways. as a country we recognize the importance of peace. Canada is constantly working with the United Nations in peacekeeping actions. Our apologetic nature also comes in hand with the act of peace giving.

r-RAINBOW-PRIDE-CLOTHING-large5703. Canada is all about the power of love. Canada has been supporting Gay Rights for a decade now, where as many other countries to this day are still in debates over this topic. We were about the first 5 countries to legalize this right.

4. We don’t have year long winters, we have all 4 seasons too! yes we may be known for our cold winters but our summers tend to be hot and humid like many other places. We have a diverse range of seasons from out cold winters, to rainy and warm springs, to our hot summers, then the vibrant colours of fall, leading back into our glorious winters.

5. We’re welcoming to immigrants and multiculturalism. Every year we allow close to a quarter of a million new landed immigrants. Canada allows dual citizenship, and supports media presented in several different languages. Constantly encouraging minorities to go into the workplace and offering support and help for these new citizens.

6Banff-National-Park-Alberta. Natural beauty, all 9.98 million square kilometres of it is astonishingly beautiful. From the gorgeous falls in Niagara. There are endless amounts of lakes and rivers to provide natural views. Canada even has access to three different oceans and is one of the few places that you can ski and surf in the same day!


7. City scape beauty, Toronto is listed as one of the top 4 most beautiful cities in the world. From the glowing lights on parliament hill to the glistening reflection in Lake Ontario from the CN town. Canada offers many urbanized forms of beauty displaying the best of both worlds.

8. Canada has one on the top education systems. Students in Canada even ranked higher than American in subjects such as math, science, and english. Education is readily available across the nation. Canadian Universities are world-renowned and are known for cheaper tuition. In The United States the average cost for a year of tuition was $31 312, where as Canadian tuition was averaged at $5959.

9. Canada has more clean water then any other nation! Canada has close to 20% of the worlds fresh water supply, found in lakes, rivers, underground lakes and within the glaciers. In specific my home town of Sudbury has close to 330 fresh water lakes!

10. And to round off my top ten reasons to love Canada, we have amazing music! Artists from Justin Bieber, to Drake, to Shania Twain. Canada is the birth place to several amazing artists.

Canada is a remarkable place! From being able to watch the northern lights from our backyards to the glowing from the city lights at night. Canada offers so much, and is a loving place filled with polite, hockey loving, and courteous people. Canada is the greatest place on earth from coast to coast, theres so much to adventure and discover. The land of the strong and free, thats for sure!

Have a great day!

Madison, xox.

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