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IMG_8596.JPGTacoTacoTaco. Who doesn’t love tacos?? Well I got the newest hot spot for you! Richtree’s new taco bus offers delicious tacos and burritos. Inside the Eaton Mall found at this cute little bus. You even get to watch the chefs make your meal, right in front of you. I had the pleasure of trying their Hearts of Palm Vegetarian taco, what a delicious treat! Man am I stuffed as well! Don’t be shy of these little tacos appearances, their bursting with huge flavour! The Heart of Palm taco was filled with yummy things like guacamole, chipotle mayo and of course the flavoured heart of palm! It was a #RichtreeFiesta that’s for sure!  The friendly staff was also a hit, making you feel like you were about to eat at a big family gathering!

IMG_8609Richtree Natural Markets Inc. are all about the natural and fresh lifestyle. All of there menu items use all-natural, fresh, local and in-season ingredients including antibiotic and hormone-free meats. So its the perfect place for any of you health goers out there! A place I’m for sure going to come back to! You should make sure to come check it out for some delicious food and excellent service!

Talk to you soon!

Madison, xox.

Written by: Madison

What an amazing experience so far! The first few days were revolved around rehearsal, photo shoots, video shoots and our interview. It was nice to get all of the heavy stuff done at the beginning of the week! Now we’re enjoying our time in Toronto and truly getting the Canadian experience. To top it off yesterday I got to spend my birthday with 81 of Canada’s most promising young women. The day began bright and early with a bus ride to this cute little diner for breakfast called Eggelicious. Being a vegetarian options are always limited for me but, the women at the diner were so sweet and understanding to my circumstances. While munching on breakfast the lovely young ladies sang happy birthday to me, it truly made my day! After breakfast we hopped on the bus again and headed for this pier showing off this stunning bay. In the distance there was even a huge old 100ft fishing boat, such a historic sight.

IMG_8590We walked around the pier and park enjoying the morning sun. Mark then thought it would be a good idea to practice our walks, specific to the final night. Mark was strutting his stuff showing us how to work that bathing suit walk. Later on we headed back for the bus and headed to this canoe club for some Dragon Boat racing! I throughly enjoyed this because my true competitive side showed when we were racing against the other girls! In all good fun of course. The instructor on our boat was impressed with our strength and competitiveness as we won all of our races! He even called us The A Team. We enjoyed some lunch lake side before heading off to our next destination.

Unexpectedly we ended up in Niagara Falls for our next stop! This was such an amazing surprise as Miss Teenage Canada has never gone to Niagara for one of the activities during the week. I’ve never been to Niagara so it was an unforgettable experience. We attended a dinner and Magic show, called Imagine The Magic of Greg Frewin. My mind was utterly blown by his performance. I tried to keep up and catch some of the tricks but nothing! Some tricks even involved people disappearing and animals appearing which mind boggled me. How does one train an animal as ferocious as a tiger to do such tricks flawlessly. I understand that humans could be trained and taught, but animals? Thats a whole new level!

As if the day hadn’t been amazing enough, we ended the evening with going to the falls! The Niagara falls were lit up with various colours and it was a glorious sight. In all the day was a complete success and I was so happy to have spent my birthday with such an amazing group of girls!

IMG_8584.JPGBut the wonder doesn’t stop with just Yesterday! Todays been a jam packed, fun filled day as well. We started the day off with a trip to Bowmanville Zoo. We got to play with these adorable baby lions and tigers. Some of the girls even got to have a lemur named Morrice, sit on there shoulder! It was beyond adorable. We got the chance to do some exploring and I got to see a giraffe, adult tiger and lion, and a bunch of cute goats! What an amazing start to the day at this wonderful family run Zoo.

Hope your days are as wonderful as mine have been.

Madison, xox.

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Why is the Privilege of education so important to me? And what does it have to do with Miss Teenage Canada. Well, education has always been around in my life. I never really understood why I was considered lucky for such a privilege. Its just school? Or so I used to think. This year my school board went on strike and I lost 4/5 weeks of school. After this I was placed back to school and had been crammed with 2 months of knowledge in 3 weeks. Mind boggling isn’t it? Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 9.59.29 AMI was so angered in the beginning but after reading the book The Invention Of Wings, by Sue Monk Kidd my point of view changed completely. The book is based off the life of Sarah Grimke one of the worlds first civil and women’s rights activists. She was denied the right to learn about law because she was a female, and at that time in history women weren’t accepted in the work industry. Reading this made me understand that I am truly blessed to be receiving the education I do.

My platform has relation to Miss Teenage Canada in the work of the charity it is partnered with. Miss Teenage Canada raises funds for the charity Free the Children. This charity prides on setting up children for success, may that be through building a well to give adequate water for the body and mind, to building schools for the children. Education is one of the most powerful things you can give to a child in the effort to change the world for the better. This is where my platform plays it’s part. My platform highlights the importance of education, in which many do not recognize. Education is a key part in setting up a child for success and this is how my platform is linked with Miss Teenage Canada and the Charity Free the Children.

As Miss Teenage Canada I would heavily promote the importance of education. I would do this though speaking of such issue but also working closely with Free the Children as they are a charity directly relating to the platform itself. I feel working with this charity would allow me to speak about my experiences with education but also being apart of the change to help bring education to those that are not as fortunate. Education is an absolute privilege that not many understand or take into consideration. After having my education taken away from me, I received the reality shock as to how important it is to value my education. As Miss Teenage Canada I would promote and show others the value of education, because it is an amazing privilege that is under celebrated.

Have a fabulous day, I’m leaving for Miss Teenage Canada today! Wish me luck!

Madison, xox.

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11760173_867067526674913_3848338846392252630_nHey guys! Last Tuesday I had one of my fundraisers for Free The Children. I hosted a Zumba and Henna Artistry fundraiser. It was an unbelievable time! Although mother nature was not on my side at the time, but we continued to henna a storm through the 39 degree heat! Due to the extreme heat my fundraiser had been slightly altered. There was a heat advisory sent out and we decided to change from Zumba to Yoga taught by myself, in best interest for the participants.

IMG_1842The heat didn’t get us down though! I did some of my best Henna yet and it was amazing to see so many people come out and support me with this fundraiser. I loved having the chance to talk about Free The Children to members of my community. I strongly believe in the work that Free the Children does as it goes hand in hand with my platform, being the Privilege of Education. You could see the passion I have for education and helping others as I talked to those who came out.

IMG_1843I wanted to give a huge shout out to all those who helped me with this fundraiser. In specific my good friend Marissa and family friend Monique. You guys made the day a pure joy, and made it extremely successful.

Even with the minor bumps in the road, I was able to adapt and pull off a successful event.

Here are some of the pieces I created!



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Oh Canada, the place of pucks and apologies! Canada isn’t just hockey and our double double Tim Hortons coffee. Canada is such a wondrous place, we offer beautiful sceneries, and nature at hand. We pride on being brave and free. Canada provides many freedoms, freedom of love and expression, the right to education, healthcare and medicine. We the pride of the north have so much to offer that make us a remarkable country. Heres a list of my top ten reasons that make Canada so great!

IMG_83721. Canada invented Hockey. Even though we haven’t claimed the beloved stately cup in a few years, hockey is still our game! dominating in the olympics and various world hockey games, Canada has proved that hockey will forever be our passion. Hockey is a family bonder in most Canadian house holds, can never miss a Hockey Night in Canada with the one and only Don Cherry and his fabulous outfits.

2. Canada is known as a peace making country, constantly helping other countries and creating peace across the world in several ways. as a country we recognize the importance of peace. Canada is constantly working with the United Nations in peacekeeping actions. Our apologetic nature also comes in hand with the act of peace giving.

r-RAINBOW-PRIDE-CLOTHING-large5703. Canada is all about the power of love. Canada has been supporting Gay Rights for a decade now, where as many other countries to this day are still in debates over this topic. We were about the first 5 countries to legalize this right.

4. We don’t have year long winters, we have all 4 seasons too! yes we may be known for our cold winters but our summers tend to be hot and humid like many other places. We have a diverse range of seasons from out cold winters, to rainy and warm springs, to our hot summers, then the vibrant colours of fall, leading back into our glorious winters.

5. We’re welcoming to immigrants and multiculturalism. Every year we allow close to a quarter of a million new landed immigrants. Canada allows dual citizenship, and supports media presented in several different languages. Constantly encouraging minorities to go into the workplace and offering support and help for these new citizens.

6Banff-National-Park-Alberta. Natural beauty, all 9.98 million square kilometres of it is astonishingly beautiful. From the gorgeous falls in Niagara. There are endless amounts of lakes and rivers to provide natural views. Canada even has access to three different oceans and is one of the few places that you can ski and surf in the same day!


7. City scape beauty, Toronto is listed as one of the top 4 most beautiful cities in the world. From the glowing lights on parliament hill to the glistening reflection in Lake Ontario from the CN town. Canada offers many urbanized forms of beauty displaying the best of both worlds.

8. Canada has one on the top education systems. Students in Canada even ranked higher than American in subjects such as math, science, and english. Education is readily available across the nation. Canadian Universities are world-renowned and are known for cheaper tuition. In The United States the average cost for a year of tuition was $31 312, where as Canadian tuition was averaged at $5959.

9. Canada has more clean water then any other nation! Canada has close to 20% of the worlds fresh water supply, found in lakes, rivers, underground lakes and within the glaciers. In specific my home town of Sudbury has close to 330 fresh water lakes!

10. And to round off my top ten reasons to love Canada, we have amazing music! Artists from Justin Bieber, to Drake, to Shania Twain. Canada is the birth place to several amazing artists.

Canada is a remarkable place! From being able to watch the northern lights from our backyards to the glowing from the city lights at night. Canada offers so much, and is a loving place filled with polite, hockey loving, and courteous people. Canada is the greatest place on earth from coast to coast, theres so much to adventure and discover. The land of the strong and free, thats for sure!

Have a great day!

Madison, xox.

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educationA few weeks ago I got the chance to speak with a young woman who works in education as well as humanitarian work. Both vital components in which relate to my platform of the privilege of education. This woman has been all over the world working from relief work to teaching underprivileged children in the education system. She’s been to places across the ocean in third world countries but she also gave light to the issues also found within developed countries. She did a placement in the states, and in the united states school funding is dependent on test scores. This school that she was teaching within only taught english and math because the funding was inadequate due to minimal test scores. Some of the schools in these struggling areas are accounted for the number of prison cells needed in these states. So in a sense these places are setting up these children to fail. She said she did a test with the kids and more then 90% of a grade 3 class couldn’t even point out USA on a map, let alone their own state in America.

quote__knowledge_is_power_by_rabidbribri-d6f9fvvWhen I was told all this information about our neighbouring country it truly broke my heart. This information made me understand how privileged I am to be in school, I receive all the necessary knowledge to be successful in life. You don’t realize how lucky you are until you’re exposed to what others are going through and aren’t as lucky to receive.

Education is more often then not over looked. I asked a variety of students within my school on their opinion of school and education, and a majority stated things such as, “its dumb” “I don’t need it” or “its pointless.” Many complained about why they should be learning about things like pythagorean theorem in math. But once I explained to them the situations for education in underdeveloped countries they began to see how lucky they kind of are, but many were extremely shocked to the facts of our neighbouring country. After talking to a few fellow classmates about the privilege of education many said that their point of view had changed towards the topic.

education-1At first hand I have been effected by the education system when I was removed from school due to the Strike across ontario school boards. Its sad that it took something like this for me to realize how privileged I am to be receiving education. I hope that when you read this you begin to truly see how lucky you are. As a proud Canadian I am truly blessed for all I have and hope to give back in anyway possible. Education is the mostly powerful weapon we can use to change the world, said Nelson Mandela.

Have a beautiful and blessed day everyone.

Madison, xox.

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11429670_1603516679917157_373952947727665698_nLast night I had the privilege to volunteer at Relay for Life 2015. Honestly it was one of the most inspiring and heart warming events. From the survivors balloon release, to walking in memory of my grandma, to the luminary lighting ceremony. I wont lie my feet are killing me today walking 15+ kilometres in my 5 inch heels, but it was beyond worth it. Last year I lost my best friend to the battle of cancer, and last night I felt her walking right there next to me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 12.01.02 PMAt the event I greeted the survivors and helped tie bracelets to record laps and so much more. I even had the chance to talk to a survivor who has been walking for Relay for Life for 25 years. She told me her experience battling cancer and it melted my heart, but the strength and passion she had at 75 year old motivated me in the most memorable way. together we released her balloon of being in remission for 26 years. Meeting this woman gave me hope in society that, it only takes a few people to make a huge impact and change for the better.

IMG_8120After the survivor balloon release, we began the walk. Now let me give future walkers some advice, don’t wear 5 inch heels!! Haha, but the ice bath for my feet after was extremely rewarding I’ll say.


Being around such amazing people IMG_8128allowed the time to fly right by! Next thing we knew, we had walked 30 laps around the track in what seemed like minutes! The energetic environment put everyone in such a loving and happy mood. The sweetest moments of the night for me was when I got to explain what I’m doing with Miss Teenage Canada and my journey, to a cancer survivor. She even called me princess which was so sweet!

IMG_8151Once the sunset, the luminary ceremony was beyond beautiful. Lights lit up the field all dedicated to honour, and in memory of those who have dealt with cancer. In all the night was amazing and I truly felt the power of love within my community. Can’t wait to continue to work with such an amazing group of people in the future Relay for Life’s to come.

Have a great day everyone!

Madison, xox.

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11429685_1599112090357616_2335614881720178732_nMy first Henna Event! This weekend I had the privilege to perform my passion at a Cochella themed event. It allowed me to explore different techniques, test my speed and endurance to henna for more then 5 hours straight! The flower crowns and indie music set the mood for the night in the best way!

A lot of guys are timid around the idea of henna. It’s common to think that henna is specifically for women, being that most designs revolve around flowers and girly designs. I’m always looking to advance and widen my abilities and a young boy let me create a cool abstract dragon. Showing that henna is not just for girls! Henna is just a form of temporary tattooing and my artistic abilities allow me to set new boundaries and explore new ideas.


Overall I had a blast showing my passion in this art to an amazing set of people! Henna as been a form of fundraising for me so that I am able to go to Miss Teenage, and I’m beyond ecstatic to say how amazing it has been going to far. I’m so thankful for all the support everyone has been giving me on this journey and I’m thrilled to have my biggest love involved in it!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Madison Kvaltin, xoxo.

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