Education? A thing most often taken for granted. Even myself, I didn’t really acknowledge how lucky I am to have education readily available to me, and receive it at no cost until the end of High School. This year I received a reality shock. I currently attend Lockerby Composite, a High School in Sudbury, Ontario. Lockerby Composite is within the Rainbow District School board. Rainbow District alongside other Ontario School Boards have gone on strike to fight for there rights, as they were working for months not on contract and received several cuts to benefits and pay. I’ve been out of school for just under 4 weeks now. The weeks leading up to the release of the news I was terrified. I never really understood how privileged we are to have education, one readily available and two at no cost to the child until post secondary.

Did you know the world needs two million more teachers to provide the needed and most basic education. In some of the poorest countries, upwards of four million new classrooms are needed to supply for those who are not in school.

After I heard news of the strike I immediately feared how it will effect me next year. Next year is the most important year of my high school experience. Grade 12 is the year universities look at you to see if you’re the right fit for their facility. I’m worried that I won’t receive the proper knowledge I need for courses next year and that will effect my marks. If my marks are not of my personal standard I fear that I won’t get excepted into the school of my dreams, being Queen’s University. My professional goal in life is to go to Queen’s for Business then go to law school. After which I will open my own practice alongside my sister. My greatest fear is that this strike will heavily effect me in the long run and effect the road to my ultimate goal in life. Although this is a speed bump in the long journey ahead of me, I will work as hard as I can and will get the knowledge I need to grow as a person and achieve my goals.

Being that I have been personally effected through my education being taken away from me, I feel the need to make this my platform. I want to bring to light how lucky we truly are to receive education. Its often said that we don’t realize what we have until its gone, and this is exactly what happened for me to understand how privileged I am. Education should not be over looked. It is a blessing to receive education and grow our knowledge. We all should be beyond grateful for our education and I want to bring that to light.

I want to leave you with a powerful quote, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” – Nelson Mandela.

A video by Ontarian Students displaying their concerns with the current strike. Student Concerns on Strike

Madison Kvaltin, xoxo.


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