11429670_1603516679917157_373952947727665698_nLast night I had the privilege to volunteer at Relay for Life 2015. Honestly it was one of the most inspiring and heart warming events. From the survivors balloon release, to walking in memory of my grandma, to the luminary lighting ceremony. I wont lie my feet are killing me today walking 15+ kilometres in my 5 inch heels, but it was beyond worth it. Last year I lost my best friend to the battle of cancer, and last night I felt her walking right there next to me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 12.01.02 PMAt the event I greeted the survivors and helped tie bracelets to record laps and so much more. I even had the chance to talk to a survivor who has been walking for Relay for Life for 25 years. She told me her experience battling cancer and it melted my heart, but the strength and passion she had at 75 year old motivated me in the most memorable way. together we released her balloon of being in remission for 26 years. Meeting this woman gave me hope in society that, it only takes a few people to make a huge impact and change for the better.

IMG_8120After the survivor balloon release, we began the walk. Now let me give future walkers some advice, don’t wear 5 inch heels!! Haha, but the ice bath for my feet after was extremely rewarding I’ll say.


Being around such amazing people IMG_8128allowed the time to fly right by! Next thing we knew, we had walked 30 laps around the track in what seemed like minutes! The energetic environment put everyone in such a loving and happy mood. The sweetest moments of the night for me was when I got to explain what I’m doing with Miss Teenage Canada and my journey, to a cancer survivor. She even called me princess which was so sweet!

IMG_8151Once the sunset, the luminary ceremony was beyond beautiful. Lights lit up the field all dedicated to honour, and in memory of those who have dealt with cancer. In all the night was amazing and I truly felt the power of love within my community. Can’t wait to continue to work with such an amazing group of people in the future Relay for Life’s to come.

Have a great day everyone!

Madison, xox.

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