This Skyline video is taken on the shore of Ramsey Lake where you can see Laurentian University at the beginning of the video, the hospital and Science North at the end. Usually we categorize Sudbury as being a mining town and home to the Big Nickel, but it is much more than that! In the City of Greater Sudbury, we have 330 freshwater lakes therefore it’s easy to find fun and adventurous activities! We are also the biggest city in Northern Ontario and one of the biggest francophone communities in Canada, excluding Quebec.


It was a beautiful day to shoot the video so it allowed me afterwards to take a walk by the lake and pass by the beaches. While shooting the video, one little girl passing by was absolutely thrilled to see a “princess” wearing a crown.  I honestly haven’t seen someone exited to that extent in a while. It really goes to show how the littlest things can brighten someone’s day and make them that much happier.  Wow, the things that arise simply from waving and saying “Hi” from a distance…

It’s interesting how wearing a crown is a universal sign of accomplishment and recognition.  Well, I am delighted to make good things happen while gladly wearing the crown and representing my city.

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Categories, tags are needed. link to video. You can embed video here too (if hosted on YouTube) good picture though and good ‘curious’ headline.

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