If you don’t live in Northern Ontario then you probably don’t know much about my hometown, Sudbury. I am so grateful to be representing a beautiful city- and here’s why.

Sudbury has so many amazing aspects to it, both in nature and culture. One of the reasons that I am so grateful for my city is that we have 330 (!!!) freshwater lakes in our single city. Lake Wahnapitae is the largest lake in the world to be contained in one municipality- with Ramsey Lake placing in second. To have so much access to water is truly a blessing. In many cities in close proximity to Sudbury, such as Toronto, there are merely 20 lakes. It is vital to have freshwater so that we can not only eat/drink, but also cool off in the hot summer sun.

Sudbury is the 3rd most bilingual city in Canada outside of Quebec. It has a very diverse culture and recognizes all of them. Sudbury has the bridge of nations, the Ukrainian Church, the Caruso Club, and other ways of celebrating the vast cultures. It always feels good to be part of an accepting community that supports you through your differences.

The Bridge of Nations

Sudbury takes very good care of our nature and we value conservation in our forests and lakes. Sudbury even earned the United Nations Local Government Award and the United States Chevron award for our practices in conserving our nature. My favourite place to go is the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area where there are kilometres on end of beautiful trails and a very aggressive conservative system for their lake- meaning there are tons of cute turtles and frogs!

One of my favourite ways to wind down is fishing. Ive been fishing for 5 years and it is still as fun as when I first tried. Having access to so many lakes makes all my fishing experiences unique from one another. However, every fishing trip is memorable.

I love living in such a beautiful city and beautiful country. Being Canadian is one of the greatest gifts I was ever given. To have freedom and to feel secure with your surroundings is such a pure feeling and I’m glad I get to feel that everyday.

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