One of the most difficult tasks I had to do for this pageant was to find sponsors that will help me reach my destination. Let me tell you, finding sponsors is not as easy as it seems. But through the experience of being told “no”, I have developed a harder shell and I have come to realise that it is just a word. Sure, I could allow it to crush my ego and cause me to get frustrated but what good would that do? Ummm… no good at all! By looking at the positive side of being turned down (yes, there is a positive side) I find myself grateful that everyone didn’t want to sponsor me. Without this, there would be no challenge in this task, therefore nothing would be pushing me to break out of my shell and enticing me to persevere.  This has been a great learning experience because it allowed me to enhance my interpersonal skills, my communication skills and made me get over my dread of calling people on the phone (ha ha). I had to confront the latter often; but because I had to do it so many times, i learned to get over it.

As for the companies/individuals that did sponsor me, I really appreciate their good heartedness and willingness to help me out. Here are some of the great companies that are sponsoring me and are supporting my efforts.

 Chevaliers de Colomb                                                            


Doyon Financial Group

Thanks for your great support Gerry!

Nelia’s Designer Fashions

The owner, Nelia is an absolutely incredible woman and so professional. I bought a last minute gown from her and it took her 2 days to alter it all around!!! And let me tell you, that gown does not look easy to alter. She has beautiful dresses and never sells one twice, so it’s always one of a kind. I guarantee that you will have a fantastic dress shopping experience there!

Remax Crown

Crosstown Chevrolet

Sixty Six

Thank you very much for taking interest in my future! Your support means a great deal to me!




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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Hello Désirée, I think you did very well finding sponsors, but I think you could do better thanking them by linking to them under their names and not in naked links. Also try to eliminate all wasted space.

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