The Great Coke Castle Rescue is an annual fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters where 700 cases of pop donated by Coca Cola are stacked to make a huge castle. The Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters is trapped in this structure until all of the cases are sold.

After 7 hours, approximately 300 cases left!

In every case, there is an envelope with coupons in it but there are 375 of them that contain awesome certificate prizes! So for 10$ you not only get a case of 24 pops, you also support this great organisation and get some coupons with a chance to win prizes!  In addition to the pop castle, there were also raffle tickets to win some more prizes, free fruit  provided by Fruitiful Bouquets, a barbeque, a DJ, a bouncy, kangoo AND three different radio stations, for they were some of the many sponsors.

This fundraiser aims to collect funds in order to plan activities with the kids and also to bring awareness to the public of the programs offered. There is also a need for more mentors in the matching programs, therefore bringing awareness is crucial for the growth of the organisation in order to get the right child per mentor ratio.

The fundraiser was a great success and the lady in distress was saved!

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Thank God for Coca Cola! And thank you for sharing this Desiree. Just curious, what happens to the soda pop that remains? That much sugary pop could constitute a health risk.

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