Yes, finally the time has come where I get to meet my new little sister! Not a biological one but a little girl that is signed up to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. After months of preparation, having to fill out paperwork and being interviewed, I have finally been accepted to the program! Best of all, I have already been matched with a Little Sister!

The match is based on mutual interests and personality traits so that the Big and Little can really connect and get along. Through this program, the Big Sister (me) will spend time with the Little Sister on a regular basis in order to mentor and really get to know her. There are many benefits to this program because the Little will gain a positive role model, a friend, a play mate, will build self-confidence and will be enjoying herself due to the fun activities we will do together. This isn’t just a one day thing; it is a big commitment because I must be present in her life for a year at the least. Therefore, she really will become something like a little sister to me, and me a big sister to her. I will do everything in my power to make this an incredible experience for her and I am positive that this match will have a positive impact in her life as well as in mine. All I want is to give her all the attention she needs and the joy she deserves.

I cannot wait to meet her! I have only been given a few details about her but even though they might be superficial details, it already seems as though we have many things in common. I am starting to plan an activity day for us and I cannot wait to see how it goes! I have a feeling that this is the start of something great and even life changing.

There are tons of volunteers needed in order to be paired up with a deserving child who needs a positive role model in their life. Visit  for more information on how you can make a difference in a child’s life.

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