For the Free The Children fundraiser, I decided to hold a yard sale at my house.  I received a lot of support for this event which made it very successful. My family and friends donated an incredible amount of items and every little bit added to the mountain of stuff that invaded my house. I got so many donations that my basement living room and the garage were full to the point that I thought it could be considered for the television show  “Hoarding”! I count myself lucky to be surrounded by such big hearted people. Not only did they donate items, they also contributed money; now that’s what I call giving!

The fundraiser was announced everywhere; from posters, to Facebook to the radio station, therefore many where aware of the event. Due to the advertisement of the fundraiser, the traffic on my street has never been that abundant!

In addition to the garage sale, I also had a donations pot for the people that didn’t buy anything but still wanted to give a monetary donation.  The best thing about garage sales is to see what kind of taste people have and their interest in things that we might not. For example, my friend donated a plaque with a signing trophy fish wearing a Christmas hat. I wondered to myself if it was even going to sell, but within seconds it was taken. It goes to show that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure and that everyone is unique and appreciates thing that others may not. This signing-Christmas-hat-wearing- fish is definitely an eye opener towards the acceptance of individuality.


I also had a couple of friends helping out as well as a few family members. I could not have managed without them. Setting up, assisting the customers, taking money at the cash, and helping them to their vehicle takes more than two arms. I am very grateful that I got so much support and I want to credit them for their efforts because it’s due to their contribution that the fundraiser was such a success.

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Good work. Thanks for sharing Desiree.

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